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What college entrance exam do I take?

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I know, for the United States, you have a couple options including the ACT and the SAT. I personally chose to take the ACT because it was a little more widely accepted and the questions are a little bit easier. The major con to the ACT is while the questions are easier they focus more on the time crunch than the difficulty of questions. The ACT also includes a science section, as the SAT doesn’t.

One big thing that stands out in my research is that the SAT has a no calculator section as well as a calculator section, so the ACT may be a better option if you’d rather have a calculator for the entire math section. It may be a good idea to attempt a practice exam of each one and take the test that you score higher on. No matter which exam you take, however, studying is key.

Keep in mind, there is no reason not to answer questions. If you put nothing, you have 0% chance at getting it right; if you guess you have a 25% chance at getting it right. So, if you’re running out of time, just put something!

Don’t take my word for it, please, do your own research and make an educated decision. This is your life and it is imperative to figure out what is right for you; everyone of us think differently and college is a key part of life. This will be what the rest of your life truly is based on and, I believe, is one of the most important choices we make in life as it is the first big decision most of us make.

I’m thinking of taking the ACT

I’m thinking of taking the SAT

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