Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

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Welcome to the first edition of our newest  series after the revamp, On The Book shelf. This new series will be all about books sitting on the book shelf. We’ll discuss books I’ve read and why I love them or we’ll talk about books I’m reading or want to read and all the great things involved in them.

I am only a few chapters in so I can’t really vouch for the writing style for the whole book, but up to this point it is a very strongly written piece. This story is a trailblazer in LGBT YA fiction. LGBT fiction has been around for centuries in different forms but is everchanging.

I had never heard of the book until I saw everyone watching the movie; this movie isn’t just for LGBT members. The movie, and I assume the book, include romance, action, drama, and so many other aspects that work so well in a piece of literature.

The book itself is about a young man who slowly discovers he’s into other guys but he isn’t comfortable in his own skin yet. He falls in love with another guy but neither knows the others identity until Simon is outed to the entire school. There is so much more to the book, though, and I’d hate to give it all away.

I would 100% recommend both the book and the movie as must a must read and a must watch. I know I was laughing one minute then crying the next. Feel free to email or comment below any books you’re into right now; I always love getting new books for the book shelf.

The big idea: I think there are so many massive ideas you can pull from this piece. The biggest thing I read into it is what friendships can endure. Some friendships fall apart but I have a few amazing friends who have spanned half of a decade. True friendship can overcome anything.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a productive day! 🙂

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