My Halloween go to books!!!

Y’all will learn that I’m a huge lover of YA fiction; books themselves, however, are some of my favorite things. I wanted to do a post on what books define Halloween to me. I haven’t read any new Halloween books lately, so these will be mostly stories I grew up reading and some that I plan on reading throughout the month. Also, I did my best to limit spoilers and instead say why I love the book. I posted links to all of the books Amazon pages, feel free to click if you want to read the summary in all it’s glory (spoilers included).

1. Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark *Alvin Schwartz*

I put this one first because it was by far my favorite growing up. I currently don’t own a copy of it, but I fully intend on buying me a new copy of it, a long with a lot of other books I love but don’t own. It’s a by no means a new book, as it was published in 1981 by Harper & Rowe. Written by Alvin Schwartz, this children’s books have plenty of spooky stories. It’s not made to be a spine chiller, but even as a children’s book, it has a lot of creepy stories included in this compilation. I don’t want to spoil anything but my favorite story in it is “The Hearse Song”.

I think this book would be really cool to take on a camping trip; what better way to read some scary stories than sitting around a campfire eating smores with your friends? The illustrations in this compilation are amazing, so if you do decide to buy it, I’d recommend getting a version with the original artwork. Also, they’re coming up with a movie adaptation, expected to be in theatres in 2019!

2. Frankenstein *Mary Shelley*

This book is a trailblazer. Shelley wrote this book when women weren’t viewed as being equals; she couldn’t publish the book using her name instead doing it anonymously. Shelley wrote this piece in the Summer of 1816 to pass the time, her and the group of writers had a competition as to who could write the best horror story. Without this one idea, by Lord Byron, for this competition we would never have this work, commonly known as the first modern horror story. Not to mention, the countless movies based on this story.

3.The Tell Tale Heart *Edgar Allan Poe*

This book is such a classic, so I’m sure most of you have heard of it. Any of Poe’s works are great reads for Halloween but The Tell Tale Heart is by far my favorite. I’m a huge fan of classics, so this is a big part of the reason for my love of this work. This isn’t so much of a campfire story, like the first book on the list, in my opinion. It’s not so much a creepy story as it is unnerving. The protagonist tries to advocate everything he does, but I think he’s trying to convince himself as much as the readers. I have a question though, is the heart telling a tale if the tale is truth? 

4. Code Orange *Caroline B. Cooney*

This book is different from everything else in this list; it’s more of a suspense story than it is meant as a scary story. The thing that makes this book scary is the real world implications. I think that realistic scenarios that are things that could genuinely happen in real life are way scarier than more off the wall scary stories.  This for sure isn’t a campfire story and not a ‘scary’ story by any means though. If you aren’t looking for a suspense novel I’d give this one a pass as a Halloween book, but for sure check it out. Cooney for sure did a great job on this one.

~ Honorable Mentions ~

Phantom of the Opera *Gaston Leroux*

I didn’t add this to the list, because it isn’t a book but this is one of my favorite movies and a favorite of mine to watch around Halloween. I wanted to shout it out anyways, haha.

Pet Semetary *Stephen King*

I’ve honestly never read this book, I’ve heard great things and I’d love to check it out soon, though. Let me know if you read it and enjoyed it.

The Amityville Horror *Jay Anson*

I’ve honestly never read this book, I’ve heard great things and I’d love to check it out soon, though. Let me know if you read it and enjoyed it.

As always, I hope you have a productive day! 🙂

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