My favorite quote

“The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth.”

Jean Cocteau

This is by far my favorite quote right now. The reason for that being it has so many different meanings. I may not know exactly what Mr. Cocteau was trying to achieve when saying this, but we can chat about what I read into his quote.

     One thing I read into this quote being the fact that the universal truth is almost always different from what our truth is. Let’s say you and your best friend get in a fight, there will be your perception of the event, your friend’s perception of the event, and what actually happened. We all view things based on our point of view which distorts life to an extent. Therefore, poets are liars because of our point of view distorting what is real, and poets always speak the truth due to always speaking what is true to us.

     The other way I look in it is poetry isn’t straight forward, it’s all about making something into something else. If you write a poem speaking of flames, is it really about the flames or is about anger or maybe love? You’re lying in the sense you may be using figurative language; you may be hiding the true meaning of your words. That being said, you are speaking the truth. Just because your meaning is masked doesn’t mean it isn’t still your meaning, right?

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Y’all! Let me know how you feel about this quote, my words, or anything in between. Let me know your favorite quotes!!!

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