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ACT prep 01 (Study tips)

Y’all, I take my ACT next month and ,just so you know, I am so not prepared for it! Working full time for sure makes it tougher to learn stuff that I haven’t learned in the past four years. That being said Flashcards are a life saver! All throughout high school I relied heavily on them and pneumonic devices, and trust me they are your best friends when it comes to ACT prep. Also, get an ACT study guide. I used ACT for Dummies.

The big reason that flashcards work is it uses all of the main ways people learn. You get the opportunity to read it, write it, and hear it. Write the question on the lined side and the answer on the blank side… The key is make sure that you’re reading the flashcards aloud if you can, and trust me y’all, you’ll have it in no time. You’ve got this!!!


Another study tip I’m loving right now is study groups. These can be dangerous but they are great. I mean, what more motivation do you need then your friends trying to learn the same thing with you? Let the ideas flow! You can always make it a competition, a little friendly competition is never a bad thing. Plus, college is about growth but it’s also about networking. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

I love Essential Oils. I just recently discovered them and bought a diffuser. The main reason I love using it is it’s a great way to mellow out and just to relax. I know studying can be stressful and it can bring out anxiety and that’s not a healthy way to study. The more calm and more at ease you are while you’re trying to learn, the easier it will be to succeed.

Christian 🙂

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  • Ellie @ This Feisty life

    It’s been way too long since I took the ACT. One piece of advice that I remember receiving when I took it came from my English teacher, she said that if you drink orange juice and dress up nicely your score is likely to be higher. I don’t remember why about the orange juice, but dressing for success is key advice. Good luck!

    • Christian

      I googled it because I was curious… Apparently OJ boosts alertness, concentration, and reaction speed. Good advice! Dressing for success is always a good thing. My dad always taught me the saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”

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