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ACT prep 02 (Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!)

The ACT is sneaking up on me; my only wish was that I went straight through college instead of having to relearn everything. One lesson this has taught me, is that I wish to be a lifelong learner Life isn’t about taking the steps in the right timing as much as in the right order. Each person has his or her own timing in how to live life. It is not right or wrong to live your life in your time.

unsplash-logoJon Tyson

The big idea: Just a friendly PSA, because I almost made a big mistake and missed the picture deadline. Don’t forget about any deadlines involved in this process be it the ACT registration, ACT picture, college application, etc. The best advice I can give for this is to have everything written down and organized. Usually that’s something I’m great at but this fell through the cracks.

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Do you have any tips for meeting deadlines, please share them in the comments below. I’m a firm believer that we go through negative experiences to grow and to help grow others. 

Christian 🙂


  • thisfeistylife

    Welll…. I take it to the extreme but I am a firm believer in planners! I have a physical planner, a dry erase monthly calendar, outlook’s calendar, and a “master due date” list with all of my assignments and tests and their respective due dates separated by class and month.

    • Christian

      I used to be the same, without the master list. Now all I have is my google calendar and I use the app Taskade. A thing I like to utilize is my bulletin board. I have a huge one that used to be split in church, work, and school. I had everything posted on it. I’m working on a game plan for organization for when I’m a student again, because it’ll become so much more important… Thanks for the comment!

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