A taste of… Nostalgia!

unsplash-logoKaty Belcher

I’ve been more homesick the past couple weeks than I normally am. It’s become part of my routine to think of how much I miss Birmingham but today I’ve been thinking about why that is. Is Birmingham truly a better city than Atlanta is or is it nostalgia?

Every single time I go home there is a laundry list of places I have to visit from old work places, my alma mater, museums, and some of my favorite restaurants. It always surprises me every time I make it back because I see so many new businesses opening up and staples of the community disappearing. Progress can be depressing, at times.

My eighteenth birthday was spent with two of my best friends, at the time, at the Alabama Theatre watching The Sound of Music and it was my first experience in a theatre. To this day that is my favorite play and my favorite theatre. Don’t get me wrong, the play and the theatre are both amazing but your firsts will always hold a special spot in your heart, for most of us.

I know it gets to the point for me that I’ll look at off ramps or even chain stores and think the ones I grew up in Birmingham shopping at or driving on are better than the ones here. There are so many things that stereotypically and publicly Alabama is viewed as inferior to Georgia at, but Alabama will always be home and home is where the heart is.

Do you live where you grew up at? How do you handle the nostalgia and homesickness in your life or is there even any?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a productive day! đŸ™‚

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